There are airlines, which has services like mileage and inflight services and so on, and Low-cost carriers (LCC), which reduce flight operation costs.

Long Distance Airlines

Lufthansa German Airlines

Lufthansa German Airlines
Lufthansa German Airlines

Lufthansa German Airlines is the largest airlines in Germany and its hub is Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. The Lufthansa group has Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, and so on, and has wide networks in the German-speaking countries and all over the world, so you can fly to european cities smoothly. Lufthansa German Airlines has domestic and international lines to 274 cities in the world.

Low-cost Carriers (LCC)


Peach is a low-cost carrier (LCC) in Osaka. The hub of Peach is Kansai International Airport and Peach has 13 lines for domestic flights and 8 lines for international flights.

Domestic LinesFlights
Osaka (Kansai) = Sapporo (New Chitose)4 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Sendai3 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Tokyo (Narita)3 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Matsuyama2 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Fukuoka4 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Nagasaki1 flight/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Miyazaki1 flight/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Kagoshima3 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Okinawa (Naha)3 flights/day
Osaka (Kansai) = Ishigaki1 flights/day
Tokyo (Narita) = Sapporo (New Chitose)1 flights/day
Tokyo (Narita) = Fukuoka2 flights/day
Fukuoka = Okinawa (Naha)2 flights/day

Vanilla Air

Vanilla Air is a low-cost carrier (LCC) in Tokyo. It has 3 lines for domestic airlines like Tokyo (Narita) = Sapporo (New Chitose) Line, Tokyo (Narita) = Okinawa (Naha) Line, Tokyo (Narita) = Amami Island Line and so on.

Domestic LinesFlights
Tokyo (Narita) = Sapporo (New Chitose)5 flights/day
Tokyo (Narita) = Okinawa (Naha)2 flights/day
Tokyo (Narita) = Amami Island1 flight/day